Our Products

Valhalla Acres produces quality fiber from humanely treated sheep. All of our products are hand-spun and dyed right here at the farm.


Wool Dryer Balls

Handmade 100% Wool Balls to Soften Clothes,
Reduce Static and Shorten Drying Time.

Never need fabric softener again.
Use 2 to 4 balls instead of dryer sheets.
Use 6 to 8 to reduce dryer time.
Can be used over and over.

To scent clothes: use a few drops of essential oils, then wait 30 minutes before using balls in the dryer.
Dryer balls are $7.50 each.  Shipping for 1 to 6 is $5.00.  For 7 to 20 is $10.00

Hand Made Cat Toys

Cat toys are $3.00 each, with shipping of $3.00 for 1 to 10.



If you are a spinner you already know what roving is, otherwise let me explain. Roving is a fleece of wool that has been carted and is ready for spinning with either a spinning wheel or another device. We sell a variety of dyed and pre-dyed roving.


Hand-Spun Yarn

The spinners at Valhalla Acres stay busy creating beautiful fiber art with our spinning wheels in the evenings, and we make this yarn available for sale.


Spinning Wheels

We resell Babe Spinning Wheels, these are affordable new spinning wheels made out of PVC pipe by developmentally disabled people in Wisconsin. We also sometimes have antique spinning wheels that we have restored.


Wool hats are warm and help keep the wind and snow from bringing you down in the winter. We offer a variety of hand-knit and machine-knit hats for sale.



The on-line catalog for our shop will be coming in the future, but currently you can find our products at a couple of different places.

We also have a shop located in Cambridge, Ohio at Country Bits

You can also find our hats at The Clintonville Community Market